The project

The Kometa Project is funded by the INNOLABS Call (Approved with the Executive Act No. 144/13 of 08/02/2017 published on BURP No. 27 of 02/03/2017, amended and supplemented by AD No. 144/37 of 28 / 03/2017).

The call is aimed at financing pilot projects to experiment with innovative solutions, in order to contribute to the promotion of new markets for innovation.
It involves the three main territorial reference systems of SmartPuglia 2020:

  • The regional system of public administration;
  • The regional system of knowledge;
  • The regional system of development.

The project refers to an aggregation of type 2 "Knowledge Community" in the Environment, Security and Territorial Protection domain as defined by the Call - with the involvement of End Users who institutionally perform the function of producing, managing and exchanging knowledge and innovation, with particular attention to the issue of the re-use of documents and public data "open data".

The project is part of the Social Challenge "Cities and Sustainable Territories" as it aims to guarantee the development of integrated approaches for the sustainable management of natural resources, in particular water, and concerns the thematic domain "I. Environment, Security and Territorial Protection ".
The project is promoted by three SMEs (MTM Project Unipersonale - leader, Cinemagica srl, Hevolus srl), a Large Enterprise (Acquedotto Pugliese spa) and a Research Organization (University of Bari - Department of Computer Science).
The Research Organization also plays the role of Research Laboratory, as it is registered in the appropriate Living Lab Partner Catalog with X6M2T51 code through the Knowledge Discovery and Data Engineering Laboratory (KDDE).

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